We all share emotions and storys, but some of us choose to ink it on there skin.Victor Dupuis

Born in Beglium, Victor Dupuis is an artiste how combines the technical skill and emotion. It has already exercised his talents by creating the lights and shoot many international short films like Hide and Seek (USA), Ekwe (USA) or 1era Tassa Caffe (Mexico). Now is putting some energy into creation and directing with this project.

After my first tattoo, my curiosity push me to discover what encourage people to do tattoo. After those research, I discover that I discovered that a large majority of tattooed people have in common the same characteristic: the desire to mark an event, an emotion, a memory, on their skin …

As humans, tattooed or not, we all live emotions. While each of us is unique, thanks to the tattoo, I can materialize what unites us all. To satisfy my curiosity and share it, I decided to work on both mediums such as photography and video, shooting portraits of people tattooed tattoos rather than tattoo. I give the floor to those women and men who decide to print permanently on their skin their emotions and memories. By getting testimonials from other countries and other cultures, I can bring a good range of experiences and strengthen my belief is that we all share feelings, stories, …

 At the same time, I could make a map of the meaning of the tattoos in the world.
I start with a photo shoot in making portraits where people come as they are, without particular aesthetic requirements. I photograph them in front of a plain, neutral wall to showcase their personality. Aesthetically, I remain as simple and easy as possible, to give free rein to body language without insisting on a particular characteristic. I want people to be as natural as possible. Front of my camera, they are barefoot. I realize three values: one was a foot level, and a third sitting on the ground. I talk with them during the
session to discover their personality and highlight the photo.
I make some pictures of tattoos in the same simplicity… Following this, always in front of a plain white background, I turn to the filmed interview itself.

I ask the same question to each:
– Who are you?
– What are you doing in life?
– What are your passions?
– What is your tattoo?
– What does it mean to you?
– Have you other tattoo projects and why?
– What is for you the act of tattooing?

I edit these images in a short format 3 minutes. The models talk about their history and their tattoo I did not show right away. This creates a dramatic tension that will be revealed when I will reveal pictures of tattoos.
What next?
Let say that I need you to care the message and spread the project to you tattooed friend.